From Overwhelmed to Empowered


Are you drowning in the expectations of modern motherhood?

The answer is YES if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You hate the idea that you should sacrifice and give everything to your children (but you still do it anyway).
  • You’re exhausted from trying to be a good parent (and not lose your patience, temper, or sense of self in the process).
  • You know you should practice “self-care”, but can't find time or energy to do it, or even know what that looks like.
  • You're afraid that your kids will remember you as the angry, frazzled mom (when all you want is a steady, loving connection that puts your best foot forward).
  • You ping-pong back and forth between work and kids without being able to focus on either...and then you beat yourself for not using your time more "wisely."
If that resonates, you're in the right place

My name is Trisha, and I’m a Mom Strategist. 

I’ve helped dozens of women just like you go from overworked and underappreciated to feeling truly fulfilled as parents and people.

Here’s the truth:

  • You don’t have to stop being a mom to enjoy more ease, rest, and peace of mind in your daily life. 
  • You are capable of enjoying motherhood AND being true to yourself as the unique individual that you are.
  • You CAN create a safe place for your children to thrive without sacrificing your sanity or becoming a martyr.

You will start loving your life as a mom as soon as you begin to build a mindset and schedule that honors YOUR version of mothering.

I’m here to help you do it.

I live free now

As a mom, I know what it’s like to be where you are. 

I've experienced deep loneliness, feeling invisible, and being taken for granted.

My days had become all about somebody else. I’d lost my free spirit —and I had no free time (unless I could fit it in between bedtime and housework. Yeah, right!).

Worst of all, I couldn’t stop wondering what was wrong with me.

I felt ashamed that I wasn’t cherishing every minute.

Why wasn’t I fulfilled by motherhood in the way everyone else seemed to be on social media or at playdates? 

I didn’t want to embrace the idea of self-sacrifice, but I didn’t want to be selfish, either.

I knew something had to give, and I wasn’t willing to become a mommy robot. 

Rather than try to mold myself into an unrealistic standard of mom perfection, I set out to change my perspective and approach to parenting.

I was determined to change my life for the better—and over time, I did. 

These days, I know I’m a good mom. My kids are thriving and I can support them when they meet challenges. I don’t even need the external validation to feel good about myself! 

When I spend time with my children, it brings me tremendous joy and freedom. And I don’t feel guilty when I’m apart from them, either.

I make time for myself and actually enjoy it. I even enjoy a 3-episode Bridgerton binge with zero regrets.

Now I’m here to help you do the same—to release what’s not working and live your version of motherhood in ways that feel amazing.

You are a good mom. You are worthy of care. And you deserve to get back to you.

Let's set you free from everything holding you back.

It’s time for you to step into the flow and fulfillment you truly deserve.


From Overwhelmed to Empowered


Here’s how we make the magic happen:


We’re all moms, but we’re not all the same. That’s why we customize this program specifically to you, to your unique needs and desires as a mom. 

During our initial 60-minute session, we’ll do a deep dive to get laser-focused on what you want and what you truly value. 

Together, we’ll discover the manageable actions that are going to transform your life for good.


We’ll meet every week for a private 1:1 session via video. During these calls, you can expect high-touch guidance from me. 

I will troubleshoot your action plan implementation with manageable shifts and loads of cheerleading. 

We’ll identify strategies for new trouble spots and opportunities.


Every Monday, you’ll receive an email from me recapping your customized strategy and action plan for the week ahead. You’ll also get a dose of encouragement and empowerment to buoy you on the journey. 

You deserve to wring every last drop of goodness out of each and every week we spend together.

Optional upgrade to MP Channel - like having a mom strategist in your back pocket! Before you enroll, we’ll discuss whether or not this add-on is the right fit for you.

When you step inside this powerful program, you get a rock-solid commitment & unflinching support to transform your life and truly thrive. 


  • Knowing that you’ve made the right choice for yourself, your kids, and your family - even if your MIL disagrees
  • Owning your worth and advocating for yourself in a way that feels true to you
  • Spending your time in the ways that serve you without feeling guilty about it
  • FEELING and ACTING like the powerhouse woman your loved ones already know you to be
  • Finally believing in your own awesomeness, regardless of what anyone else thinks or posts on Instagram

During our time together, we’re going to make it happen. 

Trisha is incredible! She's so kind and practical. We were feeling so overwhelmed, and she sat down with us and not only helped us discover what we were struggling with, but also sat with us point by point, all with zero judgment. So helpful!!! And incredibly empowering to have someone with the skills to show us how to simplify parenting and feel confident about our choices.
“Thank you, Trisha! Questions came up again about my choices for my daughter. And I was finally able to let it roll. I let her talk, thanked her for her care, and told her I was confident in my choices. As a single-mom, I cannot tell you the difference this is for me!! I didn’t lose sleep, didn't question my decision at all. I just knew that I was right. I hung up the phone and that was it! That was it!! I can’t say enough about the power that Trisha has unleashed in me. I am the master of my life!”


Click below to book a complimentary 45-minute call with me. Together, we’ll explore what you want to create and how I can help you get there. 

This program isn't for everyone, but it might be a perfect fit for YOU.

If you are...

  • Sick of the lie that motherhood equals martyrdom and ready to take back your life from the expectations of others
  • Tired of second-guessing yourself and wondering why you didn’t get the blueprint for perfect mothering
  • Beyond eager to feel more present and joyful with your kids
  • Unwilling to continue undervaluing your time and saving the best for last
  • Done waiting for things to change—you’re committed to taking real action right now 

...then you are in the perfect place to flourish as a result of this program. 

It’s Time To Take The First Step On The Path To Changing Your Life For The Better.

Click the button below to book a complimentary session with me and start taking your power back.

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I worked with Trisha 1:1 to help with the mental load of parenting two toddlers full time during a pandemic. She is a great listener and has a wonderful way of offering advice without making you feel overwhelmed. I'm so glad I was able to talk with someone through all of this who made me feel less alone. Plus, I'm so glad I found a new friend in Trisha. 🙂 Every mom of any stage needs to chat with another mom about things, and I highly recommend Ostaria Parenting for exactly that!
I would highly recommend working with Trisha. The mental burden on moms is unbearable. Trisha did a wonderful job of holding space and helping me to realize what was dysfunctional in my thought processes that was sucking all of my mental energy. I was overwhelmed by trying to balance pursuing a passion as a career and the needs of my family. All the competing priorities were a mess in my head, and I felt like I had to make sure that I put the needs of everyone in my family above my own since I was the one with "flexibility" in my schedule.    Trisha really spoke to that stress that I was feeling. After working with Trisha, I’ve developed a clearer understanding of my role in my family, and found freedom to let go of many of the things I was burdened with. I feel empowered and confident to pursue a passion for myself and have been able to recenter on my main priority as a mom - connecting with my children.